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Tailor-made online solutions

MARP understands how important online services are to our clients, and is fully committed to developing IT platforms of the utmost quality to help our clients achieve a more efficient, transparent and effective management of all phases of its supply chain. Our online catalogues are always developed under the following core principles:


MARP has been a pioneering company in online catalogues, developing its first projects in 2004 and since then evolving together with technology, accomplishing some of the most challenging and successful projects, which contributes to our promise of always DELIVERING THE HIGHEST QUALITY TAILOR-MADE IT SOLUTIONS.

Delivering the highest quality tailor-made IT solutions.

MARP IT Solutions are focused on developing a comprehensive solution for procuring, sourcing, and executing premiums and promotional articles. Our first-class solution provides the opportunity to centralize premium campaigns, reduce costs and gain greater visibility into the overall promotional expenditure while ensuring brand consistency and quality across all projects. Through this partnership with MARP, the client will be able to easily maintain quality and workflow control across its marketing materials, leading to higher impact and higher net savings. We also offer the possibility of integration with existing platforms and are ready to work with appointed suppliers and integrate them within the technology solution.

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